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Checkweighing, Net Weight & Volumetric Filling Systems, Reject and Sortation Equipment

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Bagging Machines

Horizontal Flow Wrappers, Elevator and Custom Conveyors, Pack-Off Tables,

X-Ray and Metal Detection

IPS specializes in filling, weighing and bagging systems from semi automatic coffee bag filling to fully automated Bulk Bag filling equipment. Filling and Packaging Systems from nuts and bolts to fresh cut produce in clamshells, blueberries, potato, onion, and citrus in bags, or cases and boxes.    Checkweighing inspection for "kitting" applications or manifesting lines. Custom Conveyors for the entire production, and or shipping lines. All types of product inspection including weight, X-ray, metal detection, and vision systems. Full Service and entire packaging line integration.

coffee beans
Coffee Roasting Machine
Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Innovative Packaging Solutions sales engineers provide experienced guidance in selecting the best packaging solutions from the finest equipment manufacturers in the marketplace. IPS sales engineers will help you plan a packaging system that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations and return on investment. 770-888-4512

Coffee Industry

We can help you with any level of Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic packaging of your coffee operation. 
Whole Bean or Ground, Fractional Packs, Flat Bottom Gusseted Bags with or without De-Gassing Valves.
Semi-Automatic foot pedal operated systems for pre-made bags and fully automatic bagging machines that
make your own bags from your preprinted roll of film saving you money.  Net-Weight Linear Scales,
Combination Scales and Volumetric Cup Fillers all fully integrated into your specific type of bag.  
Coming soon...Stick Pack machines for instant coffee mini-packs!

Grow your business through automating the packaging part of your business to get more time for your
marketing efforts which is what makes your money!  Easy monthly rates for lease to own systems with an
extremely handsome ROI (Return on Investment)  770-888-4512
We can do Frac-Paks, Coffee Bags, premade bags or machine made on the fly
IPS offers semi-automatic and fully automatic systems
ground coffee
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