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Laser Cutting


Shielded Arc Welding

Initial installation, setup and calibration of equipment and full integration with customers equipment  is  included with all new IPS orders.  From Combination scales to automatic baggers; we are experts at fine tuning yours or our equipment to get the highest performance for ease of operation and return on investment.  Service is the cornerstone of our success and reputation. 

We can also schedule service calls for customers that are having issues with their existing packaging lines and equipment.  Rates apply depending on location and type of service needed.  We cover the entire US.  Call and let us know what  type of issues you  have. 

Fabrication of miscellaneous items like custom diverters and chutes is a lot of what we do to insure the smooth material handling of your products during the packaging process.   Electrical and software issues and programming needs are all a part of the custom services we provide and excel in.  

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