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Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Full line of Horizontal Flow Wrappers to handle a full range
of different size products from fortune cookies and cup cakes, to 
large cookies and loaves of breads.  All kinds of snack foods
and bakery products are typically packaged on a flow
wrapper.  Card indexers for placing a card down 
for the cup cakes to rest on before being flow-
wrapped.  Different types of rotary jaws to 
accommodate your specific application and
throughput.  Easy to run, high quality fit and finish,
and serious production machines that have an extremely handsome
Return on Investment. 

"You make money selling your products...give yourself more time to do that by removing some of the packaging burden."

lug style horizontal flow wrapper
Standard Horizontal Flow Wrapper
"Box Flow" Horizontal Flow Wrapper
Snack Foods and Baked Goods

Cup cakes, candy bars, cookies, bakery products, sandwiches, trail bars, fortune cookies, medical parts, pastries, produce, Industrial parts, kits, personal products, etc.
"Contract Packagers"  

A new generation of Flow Wrappers!


The WAR 500s uses solid belts, integrated servo motors, and sensor control to determine the correct position of your product and correct bag length. With speeds up to 120 packages a minute it is excellent for packaging bread, cupcakes, sandwiches, hamburgers, food in trays, and so much more! 

packaged fruits and vegetables
loaves of bread
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