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Vertical Form Fill & Seal
Automatic Baggers

Three or four Side Seal Automatic Bagger
Large format Automatic Bagger
Bagger running pecans

Bagger running pecans

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You name it, we’ve packed it; everything from fruit and vegetables to coffee and cheese. We offer different filling systems for high to low viscosity liquids...from thin sauces to thick creamy gels and every thing in between. Frozen or fresh meat, poultry or fish to cheeses, shredded, cubed or bulk. Powder packaging systems for granulars, powders such as ground coffee, flour mixes, spices, drink mixes, sugars, sweeteners, tea, either dusty or free flowing. The simplified design of our Vertical Form Fill and Seal machines is an easy to use cost efficient solution for a wide variety of applications such as coffee, spices, powders, nuts, cereals, candies, vegetables, juices, as well as chemical, pharmaceutical and house hold and medical parts. Features include easy set-up, maintenance-free operation and accurate bag lengths. All functions are PLC controlled and a user-friendly digital interface allows the operator to store up to 100 recipes for fast

changeovers; literally done in minutes. It is compatible and easy to integrate with single or multiple head linear scales, multi-head combination scales, volumetric cup fillers, auger fillers, liquid fillers, and other specialized fillers. Stainless steel versions as well as numerous attachments to handle flat bottom gusseted bags, heated hole punch, chain bags, print registration,

external printing devices for barcodes, expiration dates and thermal transfer printing as you are bagging resulting in savings and flexibility.   Other bagging machine solutions are small footprint machines that work in semi-automatic or fully automatic modes for very cost effective bagging for a multitude of applications.  We have a full line of baggers including Stick Pack, High Speed, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large for bulk filling as well as entry level table top models that can run poly and barrier type films.  

                                  See our Net Weight Scales Category, Auger Fillers, and Combination Scales

for other filling solutions.

Small Vertical Form Fill & Seal Bagger
Medium Size Automatic Bagger
Different types of Bag options

  Pillow Bag      Euro Slot        Flat Bottom   Gussetted

Stick Pack     Quad Seal     Doy Style Pouches 

OptionsExternal printers, gas flush, chain bag repeat, hole punch, remote trouble shooting, gusset assembly, flat bottom gusset for coffee bags, degassing valve option. 

Automatic Bagging Machine
Large Automatic Bagger

Making a Master Bag

Ancient Paper

   Most machines are suitable for a variety of products, the biggest differences are size and type of  bag needed. 

Most options are available on all machines.  

“S” models designate small, “M” medium and “L” for Large machines. 

   All VFF&S machines have a large 10” COLOR touch screen, servo motor control system, and offer complete versatility and compatibility with filling heads such as combination scales, auger fillers, net weighers etc. 

Automatic frequency control system for vibration.

Large Automatic Bagger
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