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Checkweighers or in-motion scales; sometimes referred to as conveyor scales are machines that dynamically weigh your products as they move across the belt; increasing production and inspecting 100% of your product "on the fly" or in motion. Just some of the applications include weighing to make sure you have the proper amount of "fill" in the package for eliminating the under weights by automatically rejecting them from the line. Check weighers can also automatically remove the over weights from the line saving you money on cutting down on the amount of "give-a-way" product. Many industries are heavily fined for improper weight and complete truckloads can be rejected because one bag might have been underweight. Inspection by weight can also identify missing items in a kitting application, sorting items by weight, and identifying "mis-made" parts by weight detection are other common applications. Checkweighers also capture and provide data for production reports, feed back loops to fillers for proper trending; and complete statistical packages for monitoring multiple scales in a production facility real time from one computer. Not all checkweighers are the same. Call us today so we can tell you how our checkweighers reduce the cost of ownership over other makes making them the best value in the industry today. All models from case weighers to high precision production scales accurate to a fraction of a gram can be made in stainless steel washdown, as well as explosion proof. Very simple and easy to use.


Intermediate Checkweigher
The 4693i Intermediate High Speed Checkweigher is designed for institutional and packaged food manufacturing, specialty chemical, and corrosive or caustic product...
  • Food and related industries,light manufacturing,bakery,specialty chemical and consumer goods
  • 2-50 lb and 10-100 lb.capacity
  • +/-0.1% @2 Sigma
  • max 60 units/minute
Heavy Duty Checkweigher
The 4693 Heavy-Duty High Speed Checkweigher is designed for large and heavy products of virtually any shape or size. Items compatible with this in-motion...
  • Industrial & Institutional bagged product; 50 or 100 lb. bags of concrete, grain, chemical etc. Bag/pouch, box/carton, pail/keg/drum, bottle, case weigher, produce, potatoes, onions, etc.
Small Package Checkweighers
The Sonic 350 is a belt conveyor scale checkweigher that meets the demands of production line quality control for products weighing between 10 g to 10 kg. This...
  • Food, packaged or raw consumer products, small parts in bags. Flexible products; bags, pouches,raw meat etc. Can be specified with different types of rejects; a drop nose belt reject is perfect for small packages that are delicate like produce and bakery goods.
  • 0.002-22lb. capacity
  • +/-1 g @2 Sigma
  • +/- 0.1% @2 Sigma
  • Max 200 units/minute
Chain Conveyor Checkweigher for boxes, bottles, cans, and small products
The TSC 350 High Speed Checkweigher is designed for in-motion weighing of discrete packaged products weighing from a few grams up to 20 lbs., at conveyor speeds up...
  • Small parts mfg.,sugar,pharmaceutical and packaged consumer goods,food industry. Rigid products; box, carton, pail, tub, bottle.
  • 0.002-22 lb. capacity
  • +/- 0.5 g @2Sigma
  • +/-0.1% @2 Sigma
  • Max 350 units/minute
Heavy-Duty Reject Checkweigher
The 4693-R Heavy-Duty Checkweigher is unique to the industry and is designed for industrial and institutional packaging applications, with weight ranges from 1 lb...
  • Industrial & institutional bagged product; 50 or 100 lb. bags of concrete, grain,chemical etc.
Heavy Duty MDR Checkweigher
The 5511 MDR Heavy-Duty Checkweigher is a low-cost solution to your checkweigher needs. They feature a 4.5" motorized drive roller for variable line speed. A Full...
  • Bag/pouch, box/carton, pail/keg/drum, bottle. Excellent for weighing cases of produce like potatoes, onions or sweet potatoes. Bags of cement products, case products,
  • 10-120 lb. capacity
  • +/- 0.05 lb. @2 Sigma
  • Max 60 units/minute
  • Conveyor speeds to 198 fpm
  • Belt widths from 10" to 40"
  • Heavy Duty 10 ga. slider bed construction
  • Powder coated mild steel frame and structure
  • Single load cell, simple operation, very accurate
  • Multiple reject zones and settings
Hydraulic Lift Checkweigher
The 4693 Hydraulic Lift Checkweigher is ideal for production facilities that produce heavy or bulky items and use conveyor systems that change heights, especially...
  • Production facilities of heavy or bulky items on lines that change heights, especially open mouth net weigh fillers.
  • 1- 400 lb. capacity
  • Speeds to 220 feet per minute and 50 units/minute
  • +/- 0.05 lb. @2 Sigma
Bagged Product Three Belt Checkweigher
Designed for the Produce and Citrus Industry our 3-conveyor scale system for checkweighing bagged products is comprised of an in-feed acceleration belt to pull a...
  • Any bagged products up to 20" long and around 20 lbs. Perfect for checkweighing onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, oranges, citrus, bagged pastry and bakery products etc.
  • Belts are 26" long x 18" wide and conveyors use motorized drive pulleys to keep a low profile and to provide variable speed for each conveyor.
  • Accuracy:+/- .02 [email protected] 2 Sigma "The best in the Industry!"
  • Rate: up to 60 pieces per minute
  • Heights: estimated at 36" to 45" (taller heights available for feeding bailers)
Checkweigher Controller Upgrade
Upgrade your existing Checkweigher to take advantage of modern and fully supported scale controls, and interfaces for data collection and analysis. Our Checkweigher...
Conveyor Check Scale
If your application falls within the Specifications listed above; you have an extremely cost effective solution...half the cost of a typical in-motion checkweigher....
  • Small hardware packs coming from a bagger, or pouch machine.
  • Any small stable type pouch or product that is running less than 25 ppm.
  • 25 ppm or faster depending on settle time of package
  • +/- .5 gram
  • 12" x 12" scale base up to 18"
  • Support structure to hold conveyor scale. Has adjustable leveling feet.
  • Photo-eye to detect and initiate weighment cycle
  • PLC to orchestrate timing on package drop and manage timers to run conveyor forward or reverse, depending on pass or fail of products.
  • Air preparation; shut-off valve, filter-lubricator and solenoid valves mounted to frame and pre-piped
  • Painted mild steel stand
  • Controller on free standing pedestal
  • Capacities up to 1 kg for larger kits
In-line Case Weigher with automatic reject lane and "Legal for Trade" Trim Scale
Case weighing system with pacing conveyor to properly space the cases for accurate weighing. Automatically removes out of tolerance cases or RPC's (returnable...
  • Perfect for all produce case weighing operations. No more rejected loads or fines due to improper weights. Onion and potato sheds and pack out operations for any case product like beans or citrus, apples, peppers etc.
  • Accuracy: +/- .02 lb.
  • Weight: up to 50 lbs.
  • Rate: up to 20 per minute
  • Speed: from 65 to 100 FPM
  • Voltage: 120VAC, 15 AMP
  • Air Supply: 90 PSI @ 4 CFM
  • Legal For Trade Weight Indicator
  • Scale capacity rated at 200 lb.
  • Pacing infeed section
  • Powered Pop-up jump transfer diverter
  • Gravity skatewheel reject accumulation lane
  • Ball Transfer Trim Scale with "Legal for Trade" Weight Indicator
Multi-Lane Checkweighers Dual Lane
IPS provides a complete line of multi-lane checkweighers to accommodate a variety of production line requirements. Our multi-lane models are available from two to...
  • Production lines with several items abreast. Boxes, cans, bottles, tubs, shrink wrapped packages, baked goods, candy, raw meats and fresh fruits.
  • from 5 grams up to 1 kg capacity
  • Rates to 5,600 units/minute
  • Conveyor speeds up to 350 feet per minute

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