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Bagged Citrus and Produce

Produce Industry

Put an end to rejected loads and fines by

checkweighing your products

automatically removing

underweights and

overweights from

your line. 

Bagged Product Checkweigher at the Potato Expo
Small Package Checkweigher with Drop Nose Reject

IPS offers many solutions for the Fresh-Cut and Produce Industry. If you are looking to bag your products then typically you will need an accurate scale or filler to properly weigh, or deliver the product to the bags. We can fill premade bags or fill into a Vertical form and seal machine for a total turn-key operation. We also have horizontal flow wrapping machines for packaging your products. We have checkweighers to accurately weigh your clamshell, bagged, or case products and automatically remove the out-of-tolerance products from the line. Bulk fillers for filling cases and boxes as well as bag attachments for filling bulk bags.  Give us a call to see how we can help you. 

Clamshell packaged products
cases of potatoes
Take a way conveyor and Pack Out Table
Bags of Apples
Seep Arm Diverter Reject

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3-belt checkweigher with drop-nose reject

3-belt checkweigher with drop-nose reject

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