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Coffee Scale

  • Coffee; either ground or whole bean
  • tea, nuts, wrapped candies
  • chili powder, spices and powders
  • granular products where extremely high accuracy is needed
  • Fractional Packs of coffee are now easy and cost effective and are a great way to grow your business by sampling your coffee to office parks etc.
  • PLC with 10" Color Touch Screen
  • Remote Access
  • 304 SS Construction
  • Precision Load Cell
  • Semi automatic with foot pedal or fully automatic
  • Interfaces to all Packaging Machines
  • Custom funnels, pneumatic loading conveyors and other options available
Our coffee scale is easy to use: Simply fill the hopper with ground coffee, whole beans, or tea and recall a preprogrammed product on the color touch-screen controller. The target weights will be populated in the screen, and the scale automatically delivers the product to the weigh bucket. Then step on the foot pedal and the product drops through the funnel into a hand-held bag. As you reach for another bag, the scale refills the weigh bucket to the proper amount and waits for your next bag. It's that simple...and extremely accurate! The Netweigher can also be integrated to work automatically with a bagging machine now or later. This allows you to improve your production rate as your business grows, saving you time and money. See the Automatic Bagger for Barrier Film machine under our "Bagging Machines" category for a video showing a linear netweigh scale integrated to the automatic bagger. Multi lane configurations can run a single product at high speeds, or in a batching setup to mix multiple products for blending into a single package. Available in single lane, dual lane and four lane configurations. Full integration with VFF&S bagging machines.

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