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Heavy Duty MDR Checkweigher

  • Bag/pouch, box/carton, pail/keg/drum, bottle. Excellent for weighing cases of produce like potatoes, onions or sweet potatoes. Bags of cement products, case products,
  • 10-120 lb. capacity
  • +/- 0.05 lb. @2 Sigma
  • Max 60 units/minute
  • Conveyor speeds to 198 fpm
  • Belt widths from 10" to 40"
  • Heavy Duty 10 ga. slider bed construction
  • Powder coated mild steel frame and structure
  • Single load cell, simple operation, very accurate
  • Multiple reject zones and settings
The 5511 MDR Heavy-Duty Checkweigher is a low-cost solution to your checkweigher needs. They feature a 4.5" motorized drive roller for variable line speed. A Full color touchscreen display with 100 product recipe memory is on board with RS232/RS-422 serial port transmits weight and totals. Menu prompts for easy setup and calibration. Menus include icons for easy comprehension. 1" high display and hold last package weight. Designed for a variety of different environments, they are capable of handling almost any challenge. Examples of containers that can be weighed are boxes, cans, bottles, pails, rigid shrink-wrapped packages, or flexible packages. Items compatible with the checkweighers include paints, adhesives, chemicals, bagged or boxed sugars, insecticides, fertilizers, and caustic products. Unlike other in-motion scales, neither of these models require the use of photo-eyes (in most cases) to detect the presence of a package crossing the scale. This is another unique aspect of these checkweighers. This feature eliminates the costs and problems (such as downtime, unweighed product, or incomplete weigh data) that are associated with dirty or misaligned photo-eye sensors. These versatile checkweighers can be constructed in a variety of materials and finishes. They are available in various configurations to meet specific requirements: food grade (compliant applications), washdown and corrosive applications, as well as hazardous environments up to Class I, Division 1. Optional conveyors, light displays, alarms, and reject devices are also available.

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