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Controller Upgrade for Gross Fillers

IPS's packer upgrade kit dramatically improves the performance of your existing mechanical or electronic valve bag packer. Depending upon model and type, we eliminate all mechanical pivots, linkages, knife edges and other moving parts that affect your packer’s accuracy and require maintenance. Our Upgrades also include pneumatic upgrades, using a dedicated solenoid valve for each function of each fill spout. This makes for a more logical pneumatic layout, and greatly improves performance and reliability of your equipment. Using our Model 4693 Universal Filler Controller, we can operate one or two fill spouts from a single controller, or string multiple controllers together and provide totally integrated traffic control (bag drop control) for up to four fillers on a common production line. The 4693 controller offers a wide variety of options and accessories, including environmental upgrades for corrosive or hazardous areas, printer packages to list each fill weight & summarize at the end of a run, or Ethernet or serial ports for data logging purposes. As part of the purchase price, IPS will send an experienced technician or engineer to your site to survey the equipment and discuss the upgrade prior to the arrival of the upgrade kit. This site visit allows us to familiarize ourselves with your equipment and application, and gives your plant personnel an opportunity to better understand the upgrade and ask questions before the upgrade begins. What’s included in the packer upgrade: Depending upon the equipment being upgraded, we will include: Model 4693 filler controls Scale flexure assembly (includes load cell & flexures – no moving parts) Pneumatics control package All hardware; nuts & bolts, enclosures, tubing, fittings, controls, etc. Labor to install the upgrade and train staff in its use Typically an upgrade takes between 1 and 3 days to complete, based upon the equipment, application, and number of fill spouts being upgraded. We will also require the full-time assistance of at least one of your company’s maintenance people. This helps the job go faster, but more importantly, leaves you with a staff member that is intimately familiar with the upgrade and its components. All upgrades offered by IPS include scale controls that can be easily upgraded to provide detailed and comprehensive data logging and down-time reporting functions. Multiple 4693 controllers on different types of scales can be connected to this same software, providing complete data collection and analysis for your production scales. Additionally, our Model 4693 Universal Filler Controller is identical to our line of checkweigher controls, bulk bag filler controls, net weigh scale controls, gross (valve) bag filler controls, and other types of filling and weighing scales. All hardware is interchangeable, and cross-compatible, regardless of scale type. This provides a single low-cost set of spare electronic parts, and common operation and calibration across all scales.

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