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Checkweigher Controller Upgrade

Upgrade your existing Checkweigher to take advantage of modern and fully supported scale controls, and interfaces for data collection and analysis. Our Checkweigher upgrade costs less than half of a new Checkweigher, and will bring your operation better performance, higher reliability and ease of use. Checkweighers: Mettler Toledo,Hi-Speed,Loma, OCS, Alpha, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Weigh-Tronix, Fairbanks, Flex-Weigh, Lock Inspection, AP Dataweigh, Cornerstone Automation, Thermo Ramsey, Barkley & Dexter What’s included in the upgrade: The Checkweigher controls are replaced, and consist of the electronics responsible for reading the scale, determining weight, and generating outputs in relationship to weight. Additionally, other electrical equipment may be included, such as summing boxes, motor starters and/or motor controls, and interfaces to meet your data exchange and interlocking requirements. Also included are two (2) days of on-site service by one of our trained technicians. The first day is typically dedicated to the upgrade itself, and the second day is for training and monitoring the system to ensure it meets our mutual expectations. While the Model 4693 Checkweigher upgrade is compatible with most any Checkweigher system in operation, it is not necessarily 100% compatible with the accessories used with these existing scales. We will work with you to provide the required interface or equipment to replace the interface or function currently in use; printer packages, data logging, remote displays, light towers, reject devices, etc. All upgrades include scale controls that can be easily upgraded to provide detailed and comprehensive data logging and down-time reporting functions. Multiple 4693 controllers on different types of scales can be connected to this same software, providing complete data collection and analysis for your production scales. Additionally, our Model 4693 Universal Filler (Checkweigher) Controller is identical to our line of bulk bag filler controls, net weigh scale controls, gross (valve) bag filler controls, and other types of filling and weighing scales. All hardware is interchangeable, and cross-compatible, regardless of scale type. This provides a single low-cost set of spare electronic parts, and common operation and calibration across all scales. Additional information on our checkweigher controls is available, please call us with any questions you may have.

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