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Mini Doy Pouch Bagger

  • Perfect for small to medium operations that are using smaller sized premade bags and pouches and don't have to run at real fast speeds. Economical, easy to run machine that will increase your profits in no time. Different filling systems can run most any type product. Dried cherries, nuts, snacks, bakery items, candies, seafood, powders, mixes, and particulates. Cookies, gummie bears etc.
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 15 bags per minute
  • Minimum Bag Size: 4.00" wide x 5.00" long
  • Maximum Bag size:11.75" wide x 16.00" long
  • 220/240 volt
  • Weight: 1,764 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 42.3" long x 41.3" wide x 52.32" high
The Mini Doy Pouch Bagger automatically fills and seals your premade Doy and Pillow Pack style bags with the proper amount of your product based on the type of filling system you have integrated with the bagger. This is a great low profile economical solution for you if your premade bags fall within the maximum bag size as referenced in the specifications below and high speeds are not necessary. Simply load your bags in the magazine, easy to run, accurate and saves small companies a ton of work and man hours. Complete system would include a supply conveyor, filler of some type dependent on the products you are filling; a mezzanine or stand, take-a-way conveyor and pack out system.

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