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Rotary Doy Pouch Machine

  • Premade Doy Pouches and Pillow Pack style bags can be easily filled with a multitude of products depending on the type of filler integrated with the bagger. Snack foods, dried cherries, fruits, seafood, nuts, bakery items, candies, mixes, and free flowing powders and particulates.
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 80 bags a minute
  • Minimum bag size: 4.33" w x 5.12' long
  • Maximum bag size: 12.60" wide x 14.96' long
Rotary automatic Doy Pouch machine automatically fills and seals your products in your pre-made pouches and bags. Load your bags in the magazine and the filling system above the bagger fills the proper amount into your premade bags. Different filling systems from combination scales, linear net weighers, auger systems and volumetric gillers can be integrated into this easy to run system. Options like printers, and gas flush, are available to meet your specific needs of your application.

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