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Belt Conveyor

  • Production lines for packaging lines and pack-out applications. Also good as a sorting conveyor in conjunction with other packaging equipment.
  • Easily integrates with most packaging lines and applications. They come with a range of options to suit your application needs including belting, gear motors, drives, side guides, and support stands. Belted conveyors are available in straight or coped configurations. Coped configurations (Z or L shape) perform well where there‚Äôs an incline or decline in conveyor elevations.
Low Profile Belt Conveyor: The term low-profile refers to the distance between the bottom of the frame to the top of the belt. Custom belt conveyor with a low coefficient of friction is perfect for packaged goods and foods. Belted conveyors are the ideal solution where a higher degree of precision or smooth operation may be required in applications such as part positioning, stepped assembly, indexing, machine integration, or robotic interface. Our pre-engineered frame designs are available in either stainless steel or painted mild steel.

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