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Drop Nose Reject Diverter

  • Bagged produce lines are an excellent example of a product that requires a more gentle way of rjecting. sometimes diverter arm rejects can bruise or damage the product or the bag. Low profile products can be more easily removed with the drop nose style reject.
  • Powder coated mild steel frame and conveyor
  • Industrial bearing mount at in-feed end
  • Large bore cylinder beneath, attached to out-feed end
  • Off-weight package reject signal actuates cylinder, drops discharge end
  • Discharge drop distance 14”
  • Fast and reliable operation
  • Production rates to 60 bags per minute
A drop-nose diverter is used in higher-speed applications, up to 60 per minute, and keeps packages moving in-line with production flow. The discharge end of the conveyor drops to a maximum of 8”, allowing packages to travel below the next conveyor in line and accumulate in the customer’s bin or to their take-away conveyor.

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