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Four Lane Net Weigher

  • Free flowing and non free flowing powders,and granular products, bakery products, rice, seed, sugar, salt, glutamate, milk powder, coffee, seasonings, beans, snacks, fruit, nuts, medical powders, and automotive parts
  • Weighing range: 100-3000 grams
  • Accuracy range: +/- 0.5-3 grams
  • Weighing speed: 5-15 wpm per lane
  • Max load capacity: 5L
  • Preset Programs: 20 preset
  • Power: 220V / 60Hz / 10A
  • Contact surface: smooth stainless
  • Dimensions: 940mm L x 909mm W x 1250mm H
The Quad 450 four lane net weigher is a fully sealed structure featuring a sanitation enclosure system that is ideal for powders. It features high precision load cells and 10" color LCD control panel with stable PLC control system. The 304 stainless steel construction is easy to maintain and the hoppers are easily removed without any tools providing for easy cleaning and quick change-overs. The four lanes can blend up to four different products or use all four lanes for weighing one product if greater throughput is needed. Single discharge chute. Easily integrated to VFF&S packaging machines for fully automated packaging or easily operated with a foot switch for semi-automatic mode.

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