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LV 520S Automatic Bagger

  • Pillow style bags for all industries
  • Gusseted bags for cookie/nut, confectionary, cereal, pet food, powders, rice, beans, pasta, and more.
  • Flat Bottom bags for IQF (individually quick frozen) foods, coffee, cookie/nut, specialty foods, pet food and more.
  • Maximum Speed: UP TO 85 Bags/Min
  • Minimum Bag Size: 80mm x 80mm (3.15” x 3.15”)
  • Maximum Bag Size: 250mm x 350mm (9.84” x 13.78”)
  • Max Film Width: 520mm | 20.47”
The LV520S Vertical Form Fill and Seal machine is the perfect fit for multiple large bag applications, It’s suitable to pack coffee beans, ground coffee, sugar, spice, potato chips, puffed foods and snacks, jelly, pet foods, variety of snacks, gummy bears, medical products, auto parts etc. Video below shows an auger filler being fed by a screw conveyor bagging a powdered sugar product.

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