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In-line Case Weigher with automatic reject lane and "Legal for Trade" Trim Scale

  • Perfect for all produce case weighing operations. No more rejected loads or fines due to improper weights. Onion and potato sheds and pack out operations for any case product like beans or citrus, apples, peppers etc.
  • Accuracy: +/- .02 lb.
  • Weight: up to 50 lbs.
  • Rate: up to 20 per minute
  • Speed: from 65 to 100 FPM
  • Voltage: 120VAC, 15 AMP
  • Air Supply: 90 PSI @ 4 CFM
  • Legal For Trade Weight Indicator
  • Scale capacity rated at 200 lb.
  • Pacing infeed section
  • Powered Pop-up jump transfer diverter
  • Gravity skatewheel reject accumulation lane
  • Ball Transfer Trim Scale with "Legal for Trade" Weight Indicator
Case weighing system with pacing conveyor to properly space the cases for accurate weighing. Automatically removes out of tolerance cases or RPC's (returnable plastic containers) by sending a reject signal to a powered "Pop-up" drive wheel diverter to smoothly direct the out of tolerance cases onto the reject lane. The parallel reject lane merges onto a gravity skate wheel conveyor that allows the operator to easily move the case onto a Trim Scale for correcting the fill of the case to the proper weight. A digital readout clearly shows the weight and the "Legal for Trade" Weight Indicator can be fitted with an optional color coded light tree for visual target weights. Red shows underweight, green is good or target weight; and yellow indicates an overweight situation based on the parameters entered into the controller. The Trim Scale is fitted with a Ball Transfer bed making it very easy to position the corrected case back onto the production line. (See video below.) Bar code reading options allow for sorting of small medium and large products as an example.

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