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Conveyor Check Scale

  • Small hardware packs coming from a bagger, or pouch machine.
  • Any small stable type pouch or product that is running less than 25 ppm.
  • 25 ppm or faster depending on settle time of package
  • +/- .5 gram
  • 12" x 12" scale base up to 18"
  • Support structure to hold conveyor scale. Has adjustable leveling feet.
  • Photo-eye to detect and initiate weighment cycle
  • PLC to orchestrate timing on package drop and manage timers to run conveyor forward or reverse, depending on pass or fail of products.
  • Air preparation; shut-off valve, filter-lubricator and solenoid valves mounted to frame and pre-piped
  • Painted mild steel stand
  • Controller on free standing pedestal
  • Capacities up to 1 kg for larger kits
If your application falls within the Specifications listed above; you have an extremely cost effective solution...half the cost of a typical in-motion checkweigher. Sit the equipment on the floor, make a few wire connections and an air connection, calibrate the scale and be ready for use within a couple hours of unpacking. This scale is simple, very accurate and very robust. See video below.

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