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Chain Conveyor Checkweigher for boxes, bottles, cans, and small products

  • Small parts mfg.,sugar,pharmaceutical and packaged consumer goods,food industry. Rigid products; box, carton, pail, tub, bottle.
  • 0.002-22 lb. capacity
  • +/- 0.5 g @2Sigma
  • +/-0.1% @2 Sigma
  • Max 350 units/minute
The TSC 350 High Speed Checkweigher is designed for in-motion weighing of discrete packaged products weighing from a few grams up to 20 lbs., at conveyor speeds up to 300 ft/min, and production rates as high as 350 units/min. This in-line checkweigher utilizes either two or three strand Nylatron flat-link high precision checkweigher chain to convey product across the weighing portion of the scale. The TSC 350 Checkweigher is a simple, easy to use, rugged, yet highly accurate small package production scale. The product container may be virtually any shape or size. Examples of containers are boxes, cans, bottles, or rigid shrink-wrapped packages. Products currently weighed on the TSC 350 include paints, adhesives, insecticides, tubs of butter, bagged and boxed sugars, and fresh fruits. The TSC 350 Checkweigher is extremely accurate, simple to operate, and very easy to maintain. No photo-eyes are used to detect the presence of each package, making for easier operation since there are no photo-eyes to get misaligned or dirty. Our variable speed conveyor drive allows for easy changeover from one product type to another, and our extensive list of optional pacing and reject systems allow the TSC 350 high speed checkweigh to be configured for use in virtually any application.

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