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Bagged Product Three Belt Checkweigher

  • Any bagged products up to 20" long and around 20 lbs. Perfect for checkweighing onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, oranges, citrus, bagged pastry and bakery products etc.
  • Belts are 26" long x 18" wide and conveyors use motorized drive pulleys to keep a low profile and to provide variable speed for each conveyor.
  • Accuracy:+/- .02 [email protected] 2 Sigma "The best in the Industry!"
  • Rate: up to 60 pieces per minute
  • Heights: estimated at 36" to 45" (taller heights available for feeding bailers)
Designed for the Produce and Citrus Industry our 3-conveyor scale system for checkweighing bagged products is comprised of an in-feed acceleration belt to pull a gap between bags, a scale conveyor, and a drop-nose style reject conveyor that will discharge off-weight bags, open bags and loose product into a bin or take-a-way conveyor located below the conveyor. This high speed checkweigher system provides you everything you need to properly space, weigh and reject bagged products and includes a superior style reject device. Discharging product "in-line" eliminates loose potatoes, as an example, from rolling around on the conveyors, or jams caused by product or bags sticking under a pusher style reject. A quick single static calibration, done once a month or so, insures you are properly weighing your complete range of products. Conveyor speeds do not need to be changed when running your different size bags. The operator simply presses a button to select a new recipe (change from one product to another) and they are done. Very simple, and very accurate! Proven performer that is in more potato packing sheds than any other!

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