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Multi-Lane Checkweighers Dual Lane

  • Production lines with several items abreast. Boxes, cans, bottles, tubs, shrink wrapped packages, baked goods, candy, raw meats and fresh fruits.
  • from 5 grams up to 1 kg capacity
  • Rates to 5,600 units/minute
  • Conveyor speeds up to 350 feet per minute
IPS provides a complete line of multi-lane checkweighers to accommodate a variety of production line requirements. Our multi-lane models are available from two to sixteen individual weighing lanes. These checkweighers come with belt or drag-chain style conveyors in many different sizes and configurations. They can weigh items from 5 g up to 1 kg with production rates up to 5,600 units per minute and conveyor speeds up to 350 ft (91.44 m) per minute. The multi-lane design is ideal for production lines that convey products several items abreast. Each additional lane also allows for a much higher throughput than a standard single lane checkweigher. This design eliminates the cost and hassle of singulating product for 100% inspection or using a standard checkweigher to check only a portion of product from a single lane. The benefits of these scales can be substantial as weighing higher quantities allow for a much greater production yield while still maintaining strict quality control of all items produced. These checkweighing systems are simple, easy to use, rugged, yet highly accurate small package in-motion scales. All multi-lane models can be configured to handle virtually any shape or size package. IPS can also provide custom designed checkweighers to suit your specific application. Examples of containers that are compatible with these checkweighers are boxes, cans, bottles, or shrink-wrapped packages. Products include paints, adhesives, insecticides, tubs of butter, bagged and boxed sugars, bagged pasta, liquid-filled packages, baked goods, candy, raw meats, and fresh fruits. The advanced technology driving these checkweighers allow them to receive, interpret, and display accurate weights from each load cell on all lines simultaneously and independently. Each individual weight is displayed on-screen by our versatile 4693 Universal Controller. These controllers provide easy to read menus with both English and Spanish in full sentences for better comprehension. They also run complete self-diagnostics with errors described onscreen. Integrated scale controls are housed in industrial or food-grade enclosures. Conveyors are food-grade compliant while the stainless steel construction is tough enough to handle any environment. Our variable speed conveyor drives allow for easy changeover from one product type to another, and our extensive list of optional pacing and reject systems allow these flexible checkweighers to be configured for use in virtually any application. The optional Statistical Process Reporting (STPR) package prints unit weights and reports on standard size paper for analysis. Also available is our StatPak-PC software package that collects and saves data to a database and is able to print out reports to a customer's requirements. Even though they offer much greater performance and throughput, these multi-lane checkweighers are nearly as simple to use and maintain as standard models. Our checkweighers feature quick and simple operation with easy changeover from product to product. These flexible multi-lane scales provide a viable solution for many plants that otherwise would not be able to take advantage of quality control by weight

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