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Heavy Duty Checkweigher

  • Industrial & Institutional bagged product; 50 or 100 lb. bags of concrete, grain, chemical etc. Bag/pouch, box/carton, pail/keg/drum, bottle, case weigher, produce, potatoes, onions, etc.
The 4693 Heavy-Duty High Speed Checkweigher is designed for large and heavy products of virtually any shape or size. Items compatible with this in-motion checkweigher include anything from pails and drums, to boxes and cartons, to bagged product conveyed up on end. This checkweigher or conveyor scale is extremely accurate and dependable, yet is specifically intended for harsh, abusive, dirty environments commonly found in the cement, concrete, soil, bark, and carbon black products industries. Users in the chemical, starch, flour, and salt industries also rely on the 4693 Heavy-Duty Checkweigher for their quality control by weight. It offers the solution to your most demanding checkweighing needs. This robust in-line motion scale weighs items from 1 lb to 500 lbs, runs at speeds up to 220 feet per minute, and production rates in excess of 50 units per minute are handled with ease. The checkweigher uses a single “S-Type” load cell in an extremely accurate flexure scale base residing below the conveyor. Weigh station conveyors range from 28" long up to 5' long. Conveyor components include standard off-the-shelf bearings, idler rolls, and drive components, which are available through your local distributors or directly from our factory. Conveyor belts are laced and include a V-guide for positive tracking. The checkweigher utilizes our Model 4693 Controller to provide quick and easy access to the full functionality of this in-line scale. It offers 75 unique product setups, fully digital calibration, and user prompts on-screen, making the 4693 Controller one of the simplest to use. Standard features include prompts for product name, lot number, and 5 weigh zones (low reject, low pass, good, high pass, and high reject). Each controller also offers English and Spanish menus in full sentences for better comprehension. Weigh station conveyors, pacing conveyors, reject conveyors, and accumulation systems are available in many different configurations, depending on the specific needs of each application. The 4693 Checkweigher is designed to withstand a wide variety of conditions without sacrificing the essential accuracy and repeatability demanded by today's processing and packaging industry. The optional Statistical Process Reporting (STPR) package prints unit weights and reports on standard size paper for analysis. Also available is our StatPak-PC software package that collects and saves data to a database and is able to print out reports to a customer's requirements.

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