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Our most common scale systems are Linear Net Weight scales which weigh the product before it goes into the package. Our Net weigh fillers can fill bags, boxes, clamshells trays, almost any type package individually, precise amount or bulk. If you are selling your product by weight then you definitely need to "fill your product by weight" If you are filling by volume then you are probably losing product and money with every fill. Payback should be extremely handsome and should be investigated. We offer a full line of single lane, two lane and 4 lane systems for small and bulk applications. All can be integrated with Vertical Baggers and other packaging machines for fully automatic or in a semi-automatic mode with the use of a foot pedal switch. Be sure and see our Vertical Form Fill and Seal Category as well for bagging solutions.


Coffee Scale
Our coffee scale is easy to use: Simply fill the hopper with ground coffee, whole beans, or tea and recall a preprogrammed product on the color touch-screen...
  • Coffee; either ground or whole bean
  • tea, nuts, wrapped candies
  • chili powder, spices and powders
  • granular products where extremely high accuracy is needed
  • Fractional Packs of coffee are now easy and cost effective and are a great way to grow your business by sampling your coffee to office parks etc.
  • PLC with 10" Color Touch Screen
  • Remote Access
  • 304 SS Construction
  • Precision Load Cell
  • Semi automatic with foot pedal or fully automatic
  • Interfaces to all Packaging Machines
  • Custom funnels, pneumatic loading conveyors and other options available
Bulk Net Weight Filling Scale
The LW2170 is easy to run in either a semi automatic mode with a foot pedal control or fully automatic when integrated with an automatic bagging machine. Fast...
  • Coffee, pecans, free flowing nuts, cereal, animal feed,
  • Free flowing parts, nuts and bolts, free flowing powders like flour cement and particulates, perfect for bulk case or bag filling.
  • 20 preset programs
  • 25 weighments per minute
  • Two vibrating linear feeders with weigh buckets
  • 17 Litre working hopper capacity
  • 72 Litre supply hopper capacity
  • +/- 1-3% accuracy
  • High grade 304 stainless steel construction
  • Quick release components for cleaning and quick changeover
  • IP65 washdown rating
  • 220 volt 20 amp single phase
Controller Upgrade for Net Weigh Scales
IPS offers controls and scale upgrades for a wide variety of net weight scales, including simplex, duplex, quad and other configurations of scales. All controls...
Four Lane Net Weigher
The Quad 450 four lane net weigher is a fully sealed structure featuring a sanitation enclosure system that is ideal for powders. It features high precision load...
  • Free flowing and non free flowing powders,and granular products, bakery products, rice, seed, sugar, salt, glutamate, milk powder, coffee, seasonings, beans, snacks, fruit, nuts, medical powders, and automotive parts
  • Weighing range: 100-3000 grams
  • Accuracy range: +/- 0.5-3 grams
  • Weighing speed: 5-15 wpm per lane
  • Max load capacity: 5L
  • Preset Programs: 20 preset
  • Power: 220V / 60Hz / 10A
  • Contact surface: smooth stainless
  • Dimensions: 940mm L x 909mm W x 1250mm H
Powder Scale
Designed specifically for free-flowing and non free-flowing powders and granular products. Easy cleanup and quick changeover. Designed with "Open Architecture"...
  • All types of powders, free flowing and non free flowing.
  • spices, cheeses, sugars, rice, seeds, rolls, slices.
  • 10" Color Touch Screen
  • 100% fully validatable
  • High Precision Load Cell
  • Foot pedal operated or system integrated
  • All systems capable of integrating with all automation equipment
  • Options: Bulk Hopper upgrades, custom funnels, in-feed elevator conveyors
  • Power: 220 V 60Hz, 10A
  • Weight range: 20-2000 grams

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